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TRANSlation is an educational podcast that will help you decipher the unique language of the transgender and gender-variant world. From the basic definition of transgender to the more complicated aspect of gender variance, TRANSlation provides a source of information as well as real-world experience. If you are questioning your gender-identity, or a family or friend is trans, this podcast will guide you through the fundamentals and finer points of understanding what it means to be trans. And, if you're lucky, it might be be entertaining. Thank you for supporting independent artists.

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    Ep 29: The Transgender Community

    One of the words you'll hear most often on this podcast is the discussion of the trans community. But what does that mean? What am I talking about when I refer to the community? It's going to vary from person to person, but there are some aspects of a community that might make it easier to identify.

    In this episode, I am also making a personal statement about being trans. Thanks to Lady Gaga's performance at the Super Bowl, I can finally put those feelings into a convenient hashtag: #transfrombirth

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    Ep 28: Internalized Transphobia / Awakening

    Sometimes we can be our own worst enemies. No matter how hard we work in life to avoid projecting on others, sometimes we struggle to greatly with our own demons. That is what internalized transphobia is, when a trans individual harbors resentment toward the larger trans community.

    In this episode, we also look at what it means to have an awakening. For trans people, this is a necessity, a moment of clarity when the excuses just run out. But it isn't for trans individuals alone. Self actualization is a part of life, but also one of the most difficult to achieve.

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    Ep 27: The Aftermath (How Did We Get Here/Where Do We Go?)

    Suffice it to say, November 8, 2016 was a shocking day. But more than shock came the immediate uncertainty of the future. What will happen to the civil rights stressed during the 8 years of President Barack Obama?

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    Ep 26: The Asterisk / Passing Privilege

    Do you remember my old logo? It seemed innocuous enough, but I made a significant change: I removed the asterisk. That little glyph is a source of controversy since it first appeared in the last few years. Here, I explain why it's important to note, as well as why I chose to remove it.

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    Ep 24: Politicizing Trans - It's My Party

    Trans issues are becoming more important in the modern political world. While civil rights organizations and activists fight to ensure trans individuals are protected equally under the law, politicians across the United States are pushing for laws that will restrict those very freedoms.

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    Ep 23: Bigender

    The spectrum of gender identity is vast. Some are more easily defined than others. In this episode of Trans*lation, we look at one specific identification group: bigender.

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    Ep 21: Trans In The Media pt. 2 (with special guest River)

    In our last episode, we looked at trans representation in the media, specifically looking at movies and television. But the real world experience is even more vast and complicated. I am joined by my special guest River as we talk about trans visibility in the news. Specifically, the Denver Post has run a series of articles focusing on trans issues and visibility. We discuss the importance of that and impact it is having in Colorado, as well as extrapolate how that influences trans visibility on a larger scale.

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    Ep 20: Trans In The Media pt. 1 / HRT Year One

    Trans visibility is growing. More and more, news stories pop up that focus on real life trans individuals and their unique situations. But visibility is also growing in pop culture, with more realistic depictions of trans characters on television and in movies. In the first half of the episode, we look at how visibility is growing in the media and some of the effects of that. There is one debate that comes up about trans actors, or more appropriately trans character roles given to cisgender actors.

    In the second half of the episode, I respond to a fan question about my experience in the first year of HRT. While my experience is unique to my situation, some of it may resonate with the experiences of others. Conversely, it does not cover the full spectrum of experiences trans individuals can encounter during their first year of HRT.

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